BreedWheat project

BreedWheat aims at strengthening the competitiveness of the French wheat breeding sector as well as to address the societal demand for sustainability, quality, and safety in agricultural production.

This pre-competitive project developed over a period of nine years (2011-2019), for a total investment of 34 million Euros, receives a 9M€ grant from the French Investement for the Future Program managed by the French Research National Agency (ANR). It brings together 27 partners: 15 public research laboratories, 10 private companies, 1 technical institute, 1 competitiveness cluster and 1 company specialised in project management and technology transfer.

Project results

Since 2011, the BreedWheat project has produced more than 2 billion genotypic data and more than 1 million phenotypic data. Indeed, the Affymetrix Axiom array designed in the project and containing more than 420 000 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) markers was used to genotype about 7 800 accessions. In parallel, about 70 000 experimental plots were phenotyped for traits of interest principally linked to nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency, drought tolerance and diseases resistance. All generated data, duly integrated in a dedicated information system, enabled the characterization of the wheat genome organization, the identification of chromosomal regions explaining traits of interest, the development of an ecophysiological model of plant functionning, the construction of gene networks, the test of new breeding techniques, the extraction of a diverse worldwide collection, the creation of new genetic populations...


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This project receives funding from the French Government managed by the Research National Agency (ANR) in the framework  of the Investments for the Future (ANR-10-BTBR-03), France Agrimer and the French Fund to support Plant Breeding (FSOV).