4th annual meeting

The 4th BreedWheat annual meeting was held from November 18th to 20th at the Limagrain Europe research center in Chappes (France). This meeting has been organized by the joint research unit GDEC (INRAE-UBP), INRAE Transfert, Limagrain Europe and Biogemma.

About one hundred and ten persons attended this meeting which was the occasion to discuss the results obtained since the beginning of the project in the different workpackages. Three members of the BW scientific advisory board (SAB) attended this meeting (Kellye Eversole (IWGSC, USA), Stephen Baenziger (Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA), Friedrich Longin (Univ Hohenheim, Germany) as well as Jane Rogers (IWGSC, USA)) in order to evaluate the project state of progress at mid-term.
Representatives from the Wheat Initiative (Hélène Lucas, scientific coordinator), the GIS Biotech Vertes (Romain Piovan, director and Maxime Szambien, scientific officer), Genoplante-Valor (Edwige Pilard, director) and the GNIS (Olivier Pinay, inspector responsible for straw cereals) were also presnt.

This meeting was also the opportunity to organize the 5th governing council meeting with representatives from each project partner in order to discuss more strategic and political issues such as the availability of the BW data to the international community and to other scientific programs or institutes.