Training on genetic resources

A training on “genetic resources: access, creation and uses” was organised on November 13 2018 by the UMR GDEC (on Clermont-Ferrand INRAE site) with the help of Limagrain and INRAE Transfert.
40 participants, mainly from the BreedWheat consortium (95%), attended this training. 14 from them were also speakers from GDEC, GEVES and Limagrain. The participants mainly belonged to the provate sector (73%).

The talks were the following:

  • Regulation and organization around plant genetic resources in France and abroad (Audrey Didier, GEVES)
  • FSOV PolyBleD project – What new polyploidizations to improve the adaptation of soft wheat to future constraints? (Annaig Bouguennec, INRAE GDEC)
  • FSOV DéLiBeRe JNO – Development of wheat lines adapted and resistant to “Jaunisse Nanisante” (JNO) (Pierre Sourdille, INRAE GDEC)
  • BreedWheat WP3.2 Creating a connected population Elites x “Exotic” (Sophie Bouchet, INRAE GDEC)
  • Valorize genetic variability for an innovative variety creation (Bernard Duperrier, Limagrain)
  • FSOV Ex-IGE – Phenotyping a panel of “exotic” accessions (Breedwheat BWP3 panel)
    • Performance aspects under stress / optimal conditions (water stress, nitrogen, disease) (Céline Duque, Limgarain)
    • Quality aspects (glutenin / gliadin gene sequencing, glutenin / gliadin phenotype, alveograph parameters) (Catherine Ravel, INRAE GDEC)
  • FSOV DéBAT – Diversity analysis of a pre-breeding panel (Breedwheat BWP3) by a transcriptomic approach (Etienne Paux, INRAE GDEC)
  • Influence of the disease phenotyping quality on the QTLs detection (Cyrille Saintenac, INRAE GDEC)
  • Discussions about the quality of phenotyping (homogenization of disease protocols in particular), gene sequencing (which strategy, technology), development of diagnostic markers for Marker Assisted Selection (Sophie Bouchet, INRAE GDEC)

A visit to the Small grain cereals Biological Resources Centre was also organized by François Balfourier (INRAE GDEC).