International Wheat Innovation Workshop (IWIW)

The BreedWheat project and more particularly Céréales Vallée, INRAE and INRAE Transfert, has organized the International Wheat Innovation Workshop (IWIW) the 16th and 17th November 2015 in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

This workshop associated WISP (UK LOLA project), proWeizen (German research and breeding alliance), CRP Wheat (CGIAR challenge program) as well as the IWGSC (international wheat genome sequencing consortium) and the Wheat Initiative.

The objective of this international workshop was to inform the scientific and breeding community on the main progresses on genomics, sequencing, genetics, crop physiology and characterization of genetic resources of bread wheat. The members and teams working in the frame of projects mentioned above have presented their results through four sessions composed of presentations and round tables: 1) Wheat genomics and sequencing, 2) Target traits and modelling, 3) Pre-breeding, genetics and association studies, and 4) Data base management. About twenty posters linked to the thematic cited were also presented.

This workshop brought together around 170 participants, including 40% from the private sector, from the 5 continents and 16 different countries.

The detailed programme, pictures and presentations made are available on the website specifically created for that event:

The event was sponsored by the Auvergne region, Clermont communauté, Crédit Agricole, Affymetrix, Bayer CropScience, Biogemma, Limagrain, Momont, Syngenta, INRAE and Blaise Pascal university.