Investments for the Future projects: Assessment and prospects

Implemented by the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI, ex CGI) in 2011 as part of the ‘Grand Emprunt’ (a French state-funded investment programme), and carried out by the National Research Agency (ANR), the PIA has made possible to invest massively and in a targeted manner in research and innovation. The 9 projects labeled by the GIS BV concern 8 ‘Biotechnologies and Bioresources’ projects: AKER, AMAIZING, Biomass For the Future, BREEDWHEAT, GENIUS, PeaMUST, RAPSODYN, SUNRISE, and an infrastructure: PHENOME. They were built over time (2011/2012-2020) around large-scale and structuring public-private partnerships, which cover research, development and training. They are fully in line with the ambitions of the GIS BV: to create technologies and skills, and to produce the knowledge needed to develop innovative varieties for more efficient and sustainable agricultures.

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