The Phenomobile: a precision tool for agricultural research

The Phenomobile is the last precision tool developed by the Investissement for the future project PHENOME. Based on the experimental large-scale culture unit of INRAE Center Occitanie-Toulouse, this phenotypinh robot was built to characterise large-scale crops, such as wheat and sunflower, in the fileds. Thanks to its 9 sensors (visible and multispectral cameras and LIDAR), it observes micro-plots in different spectra and establishs a 3D profile of plants.

It performs measures previously impossible several times a season, regardless of the weather thans to its powerful flashes.

This unique tool in the world is already used in two research programs: Breedwheat on wheat and SUNRISE on sunflower for which it evaluates the beneficial effectis of the mixim of genetic diversity in cultivated varieties.

Because of its short-term benefits for crop selection and crop characterisation, the Phenomobile allows French agriculture and research to be at the forefront, pioneering the development of varietirs adapted to future climatic constraints.

You can watch the Phenomobile video showing BreedWheat trials via YouTube: