Training on Phenotyping approaches

The training course on Phenotyping approaches was organised by Arvalis with the help of INRA GDEC unit, Biogemma and INRA Transfert on the 3rd and 4th May 2016 in Ouzouer-le-Marché.
36 participants, mainly from BreedWheat consortium (84,2%) but also from other PIA projects (e.g. Phenome, PeaMUST, Amaizing) also attended this training. The participants mainly belonged to the private sector (75%).

The 1st day of this training consisted of the following sessions:
1.    Stress impact on the ecophysiology of wheat (Jean-Charles Deswarte, Arvalis)
2.    Characterisation of a stress in the field based on the analysis of soil and climate data (Alain Bouthier, Arvalis)
3.    Use of captors as phenotyping tool (Fred Baret, INRA)
The day ended with the visit of the platform “Phenofield”.

The 2nd day consisted of the following sessions:
1.    Drought stress on maize: phenotyping under controlled conditions using PhenoArch (François Tardieu, INRA)
2.    Use of variables such as vegetation index (David Gouache, Arvalis)
3.    Modelling and phenotyping (Pierre Martre, INRA)
4.    Roots Phenotyping (Christophe Salon, INRA and François Postic, Arvalis)
After the training, a survey was launched to collect the feedbacks of participants on the scientific content, educational approach, the quality of the agenda and the quality of information before the event. The rating scale was 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). About half of the participants (13 persons) answered to the evaluation survey and the overall satisafaction on these criteria goes from good to very good.